Brow Shading with Pointillism


This class teaches you the brow shading technique absolutely essential for effectively treating all skin types, even the most challenging.

This course guides you through the required steps to successfully perform powder brow on any skin type using the pointillism technique, Stephanie's specialty for over 20 years.

Stephanie will teach you all the tips she has learned through her years of experience  and ensure you have all the knowledge required to perform this technique in your own practice. 

If you are looking for help to get better results when working on mature, sun damaged or problem skin, this is the class for you!!
  • Pointillism technique is a comprehensive online course made up of 7 video modules and 2 full procedure demonstrations. 


    It begins with a thorough review of needle types, sizes and configurations. We explain the difference between needles and why choosing the right needle will bring your PMU procedures to the next level. Pointillism is a different technique to the #1RL pixelated shading technique and the key to successful results on a variety of skin types, including the most challenging. 

    Next, you will be guided through the step-by-step demonstrations of correct machine positioning, angle and speed for successful pointillism powder brow followed by a 2 full video demonstrations of a powder brow with Pointillism technique.

    The course also covers; skin type and needle choice, best pigment types for pointillism and troubleshooting for problem, aged, and sun-damaged skin. 


    Course includes:

    ·1 year access & support

    ·Certificate of completion

    ·Invitation to private Halcyon student Facebook support group

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Helen Godlonton
I’ve found the answer 🎉

For years I’ve had 95% thin aged sun damaged skin to shade. When I first started PMU there was no choice just one needle, one style of shading. I really didn’t know how to handle bleeding skins or oily skin types.
After learning this fabulous Pointillism technique I now have a technique I can adapt to EVERY brow. I’ve learned what needle and pigment for the skin type and how the pointillism can be applied for full shading to ombre shading. What I’ve gained is a confidence and knowledge level I’ve searched for. It’s easy to understand I’m so happy I did the course. Thanks Stephanie you’re a fabulous Trainer 🎉🎉🎉

So much information!

Stephanie is a master of pointillism. She explains everything so clearly and thoroughly. Such a great online course with so much information! I learned new things and Stephanie is so quick to respond to any questions you may have. Highly recommend.

Gabriela Leija
I loved it!!!

I love all the information explained there, and also the support is amazing when you send your questions (and they respond very clear and quickly). I was trying to find a course of Pontillism, months ago, but was not lucky until now!!! I highly recommend this course as we will be treating difficult skin types the most of the time.

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