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MICRO EDGE Microblading Set


This Micro Edge microblading pigment set includes a great selection of colours to get you started with Micro Edge. Micro Edge was created by LI Pigments specifically for microblading and was formulated to get as much pigment into the skin as possible with one stroke and have it heal super crisp. The set contains:

MILK 'N' HONEY is perfect for blondes and to lighten darker Micro-Edge colours

TAMARIND is a well-balanced rich medium brown

TEDDY BEAR BROWN is a beautiful dark brown brow colour

ECLIPSE is a very dark brown/black Color and can be used to darken your lighter colours

WARM IT! is used to add additional warmth (darker cooler skin types)


  • For manual microblading only!

    Micro Edge is an exclusive and specialized line of pigments formulated by LI Pigments after 5 years of research, development and testing to achieve a pigment that would get as much pigment as possible into the skin in one stroke as well as heal as crisply as possible.

    Due to the cool healing nature of microblading, Micro Edge is pre-neutralized and will rarely, if ever, require mixing with a warm modifier.

    Micro Edge is slightly more expensive than other pigment brands or formulas due to the superior ingredients and higher cost of production, but well worth it!


    *Hybrid blend of organic and inorganic pigments to acquire the benefits of each

    *Formulated with only the highest lightfast colourants available

    *Highly concentrated for high saturation

    *Nectar-like consistency to allow needle "cling" all the way into the skin

    *Pre-neutralized and requires no modifiers

    *Stays concentrated when exposed to body fluids

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