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AQUA Olive Mod


Olive Mod is a cool inorganic with a green and cool yellow base, used to neutralize orange, red and pink eyebrows on darker skin types with darker hair, or if a darker final result is desired.

For lighter skin and hair and desire a lighter brow choose Brow Mod instead.  

  • LI Aqua is a versatile line of pigments that works well, and has been produces great results, with both manual and machine techniques for over 25 years.

    It is a quick drying water based formulation that is not too thick or thin with highly concentrated colours specially formulated to minimize touch-ups to leave clients with beautiful and long lasting colour.

    Tested and approved by thousands of artists, Aqua has been one of the top selling pigments in the world since its inception.

    If you are overwhelmed by the vast Aqua colour selection, try one of our pigment sets pre-selected for your preferred technique.

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