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HCP Cartridge Needles | Mixed Removal Shaders

This Halcyon Cosmetic Professional Mixed Removal Shaders box contains 20 individually packaged needles in the most popular sizes for removal. 

Box Includes:

10 x 1007RS

5 x 1005RS

5 x 1003RS

  • Halcyon Cosmetic Professional cartridge needles were designed with the permanent makeup artist in mind, with perfectly stable, flat tips for minimum vibration and the precision required in permanent makeup.

    These high quality cartridges are safe and meet the current standard of quality management for medical devices (Certified ISO 13485:2016), not to mention they come in a pretty cool drawer-style box for easy access and storage!

    *20 Individually packaged, single-use and disposable cartridges

    * 100% EO gas sterilized

    * Transparent medical-grade plastic for maximum visibility

    * Flat tip for maximum precision and control

    * Safety membrane to prevent back flow

    * 304 surgical stainless steel, for max strength & durability with minimal nickel content

    Machine Compatibility HCP universal cartridge fits most rotary tattoo machines including but not limited to; Bronc, Bellar, Bishop, Cheyenne, Dragonhawk, Mast Magi/Tour, Xion 

    Not compatible with; Nouveau Contour, Amiea, Biotek, Black Pearl, Charme. 

    If you are not sure if our HCP universal cartridge needles are compatible with your machine, please contact us. 

    BLOG: Will a universal tattoo cartridge fit my machine?

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