LI Micro Edge

Micro Edge pigments were created specifically for microblading; to get as much pigment into the skin as possible with one stroke, while healing as crisply as possible. Micro Edge is not appropriate for machine shading. 

Because these pigments are formulated specifically for hairstroke techniques, they are pre-neutralized with warmth to compensate for the cool healing nature of these techniques.


1. Thick consistency that allows pigment to cling to the needles as they enter the skin... not rise up the needles as they make contact.

2. Pre-neutreulized for perfectly healed tones with almost no need for modifiers.

3. Highly concentrated formula does not dilute with exposure to body fluids.

4. High pigment concentration for high saturation.

The higher price of Micro Edge reflects the cost of producing this exclusive formula. It is a combination of organic and inorganic pigments and utilizes only the most light-fast colourants available.



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