Halcyon Cosmetic Solutions Ltd opened in January 2014 and gradually evolved into  separate divisions including the Halcyon Cosmetic Clinic, Halcyon Cosmetic Store, Halcyon Cosmetic Academy and our brand Halcyon Cosmetic Professional.
We are a leading global provider of professional microblading and permanent makeup pigments and supplies.
Halcyon Cosmetic Solutions Ltd is owned and operated by partners Kelly  Hallam, RTNM CPCP and Stephanie Wilson, CPCP CTAE.
Kelly Hallam is not only a CPCP certified, SPCP Supplier Member, and full-time permanent makeup and paramedical tattoo artist, but also has an extensive science and healthcare background as a Registered Technologist of Nuclear Medicine with over 20 years experience in a busy traumatic hospital. Kelly also holds a diploma in Cosmetology. As an exclusive user of LI Pigments and as Canada’s Lead Trainer for LI-FT, she is always willing to answer your questions. You will often find her sharing advice on PMU and Microblading Forums. 
Stephanie Wilson has over 20 years of PMU experience as well as a background in aesthetics. She has a thorough understanding of pigments and experience in all PMU and microblading techniques. As a native Autralian, she is well-versed on techniques suitable for challenging and sun-damaged skin and is always willing to offer other artists tips and advice and is Halcyon's trainer for advanced techniques. She also offers one-on-one training for existing artists wanting to improve or update their skills. Stephanie is a certified trainer and assessor and an official SPCP Trainer Member. 
Both Kelly and Stephanie not not only sell pigments and products but work with them every day, ensuring you are buying quality & up-to-date products. 
​With a drive to ensure safety and education in the industry, the Halcyon Cosmetic Academy provides private and semi-private microblading and advanced PMU training, plus tattoo removal training to ensure that future artists are not only skilled at what they do, but gain a thorough understanding and are well-equipped to work in the field of permanent makeup. 




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