Box Set 4 x 10ml

One of our best sellers! These 4 fabulous shades are 20% more concentrated and 20% thinner in consistency than LI Aqua, can be combined to create colours suitable for any skin tone, and can be used for used for both  manual and machine procedures.

Electric Blonde – A dark blonde colour with a green and neutral yellow base. Perfect for blondes or redheads.

Faux Brown– A light brown colour with a neutral yellow and a red base. Great for lighter brunettes, dark blondes or even medium brunettes who want to keep their brows super soft and natural. 

Absolute Brown– A true medium brown! This shade has a neutral yellow and green brown base and is perfect for light, medium or dark brunettes. 

Dark Heart- A dark brown shade with a black/brown base fantastic for dark brunettes or clients with darker natural eyebrow hair. 

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  • LI Pigments has joined with several international artists to create their Signature Series of pigments!

    Monica Ivani is an international master trainer, global conference speaker and a top brow artist whose unique hair stroke technique with a digital device has earned her worldwide recognition.

    Monica chose to work with LI Pigments to create her pigment line because of their reputation for high quality pigments that implant, heal and age with only the best results. She has created her own eyebrow formulation as well as these custom, pre-modified, colours only available in her Signature Series.

    The Monica Ivani Signature Series pigments are the perfect consistency for both manual and machine brows.


Customer Reviews

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Jennifer Koenig
My favourite pigment set!

I love LI Pigments to begin with but this curated artist set is fantastic! The perfect set from blondes to brunettes and everything in between! Pigment is saturated and heals beautifully. Long lasting results!

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