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BRONC V4 PMU Machine | Silver


The BRONC V4 PMU MACHINE is a favourite with the artists in our clinic! Although we all favour different techniques, we all agree this machine is smooth, lightweight, and comfortable for all. It's low vibration makes it ideal for even the finest hairstrokes and delicate eyeliners.

The Bronc V4 hybrid rotary pen machine package includes everything you need for perfect for eyebrows, eyeliner, lips and other cosmetic and paramedical tattoo services.

Available in black, grey, silver, pink and red!


  • The Bronc V4 is a fantastic rotary pen machine for eyebrows, eyeliner, lips and other PMU services.

    It's a great choice for artists transitioning from a permanent makeup machine to a rotary tattoo machine. It's powerful enough for lip and eyeliner procedures yet delicate enough for brow shading techniques. This machine takes universal needle cartridges which are affordable and offer a large variety of needles sizes.

    The Bronc V4 has many features:


    Thin and Comfortable:similar size to the Nouveau Contour, longer and thinner than the Rook Quill and much smaller than the Cheyenne Hawk or XionS

    Weight and Balance:79g of lightweight, perfect balance for delicate procedures

    Low Vibration:extremely low vibration for fine and precise needle work

    4.5 w Swiss Motor: enough power to tackle difficult skin and removal procedures. ( 0-12000rpm )

    Adjustable Needle Depth: maximum needle protrusion of 4.5mm so you can work at your preferred depth


    3.2 mm Stroke Length:for maximum pigment pickup and less wasted time dipping!

    Universal Cartridge Needles: huge variety of sizes and configurations to customize your art and easily alternate between needle types

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