AQUA Navajo Brown


Navajo Brown is a well balanced cool inorganic rich medium brown eyebrow colour with a cool yellow and green base that has a small amount of red. This popular brow colour heals very rich and beautiful on many skin types.

As one of our most popular Aqua colours, Navajo Brown is included in our LI AQUA Microblading Set.

Should Navajo Brown be out-of-stock, try MP Dark Chestnut

To keep US products affordable for Canadians,orders for Li Pigments will be accepted the last week of each month only.

Shipping generally takes 4-6 weeks so please plan accordingly!

About Li Aqua Pigment
Li Aqua is a versatile line of pigments that works well and produces great results with both manual and machine techniques. It is a quick drying water based formulation with highly concentrated colours specially formulated to minimize touch-ups to leave clients with beautiful and long lasting colour. Tested and approved by thousands of artists, Aqua has been one of the top selling pigments in the world since its inception.
About Li Velvet Pigment
Li Velvet pigment is formulated with a glycerine base and stays moist longer than the water-based Aqua pigment line. It is perfect for microblading as the slightly thicker consistency helps pigment to grab and hang on to your hand tool.
The Company
For over 25 years LI Pigments has combined pigment chemistry and colour, with the application process to formulate the most innovative and scientifically advanced cosmetic pigments worldwide. Their focus on research and development, coupled with the adherence to best practices, continuous laboratory testing, and use of only the highest quality raw materials has resulted in several outstanding safe and effective cosmetic pigment lines that meet the most stringent quality standards. LI Pigments continues to evolve and adapt the the permanent cosmetics industry's ever-changing landscape while staying true to their decades old mission of providing quality pigments and superior customer service.
Orders & Shipping for Li Pigments
To keep US products affordable for Canadians, custom orders for Li Pigments will be accepted the last week of each month only. Shipping generally takes 4-6 weeks from time of ordering, so please plan accordingly. All orders with "pre-order" items will be shipped once all items become available. If you need pigments sooner, you can view colour descriptions for in-stock alternatives that ship immediately.

Customer Reviews

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Asma Tabatabaei
Very good

Very good service

Heather Bowles
A favorite colour!

This heals beautifully - it is definitely a must have staple❤️

Angie Legere

Excellent service and fast delivery

Lucia Carty

Very good service!

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