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Why Do I Have Issues With Pigment Flow From My Cartridge Needle?

Why Do I Have Issues With Pigment Flow From My Cartridge Needle?

Why are you getting too little or too much pigment flow from your needle when working with your PMU or tattoo machine?  Often, this is a quick fix requiring an adjustment of the needle protrusion from the cartridge tip.

Although many of us were trained to have our needle protruding "the width of a dime", this is a very general guideline and there really is no set length to protrude your needle. The many different styles & brands of needles will all require different protrusion lengths, as dodifferent techniques. You will have to work this out for yourself and it will change based on skin, technique, and needle size and type.

Once you begin working, you can adjust your needle to find the best length. If too much pigment is flowing, causing it to pool where you are working, you likely do not have your needle out far enough. Try adjusting it out just a little farther. If you are not getting enough pigment flow, your needle is likely out too far and you will need to bring it in slightly. 

Single needles commonly used for trending brow shading techniques are particularly tricky and you will need to try a few adjustments to find that "sweet spot" for the pigment to flow evenly. Larger needle configurations will be a little easier to find a good length and flow. 

Still need more help? Check out our online course Machines, Needles & More or our hands-on training Machine Brow Shading.  


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