When colour doesn't heal perfectly, its likely NOT your pigment.

When colour doesn't heal perfectly, its likely NOT your pigment.

Too many artists blame pigment brand for their colours not healing correctly and quickly jump from one brand to the next in an attempt to solve their issues.

If you use a reputable pigment brand and aren't getting amazing results, consider:

Implanting pigment too shallow leaves a pink or reddish tone after the epidermal cells have shed and implanting too deeply heals grey and blurry.

Applications of more concentrated pigment (such as microblading) tend to heal cooler than those that apply a softer spray of pigment (single-needle shading).

Skin cells form a "veil" over the pigment colour once healed and affect the final look.

Vascular skin such as ruddy or rosacea skin will heal cooler than thicker skin without visible blood supply

Knowing what base colour to choose and determining if you need to modify (and how much modifier to use) will affect your healed results and how the colour ages over time.

These basics should be covered in all fundamental courses, but if they were missed please do a little reading before you give up on your pigment.

If you are looking for a more thorough understanding of these topics, then you might like our online Machines, Needles & More class. 

COMING SOON: Colour & Pigment Chemistry online education with Kelly Hallam

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