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Tips to Stop Creating Discoloured Brows

Tips to Stop Creating Discoloured Brows

Its better to prevent than have to correct!
We spend so much time giving advice for colour correction and how to fix discoloured brows that I wanted to share some tips that will help you to prevent these issues in the first place. 
Before you go changing your pigment brand or adding unnecessary modifiers, here are a few things to try to help you prevent causing discoloured brows that will eventually require colour correction.
1. Implanting pigment too deep will cause the pigment to appear grey once healed.
- Try changing your depth when working. 
- Using a shader needle instead of a liner will help prevent depth issues also.
2. A dense application of pigment will appear more grey when healed but not all techniques apply a dense application of pigment. For example; most powder shade techniques are not a dense application. 
- You do not need to add a modifier to machine shading if your technique is not too dense or overworked
3. Dark pigments are cool in colour and will always heal more cool/grey. Adding a modifier may stop the colour from appearing too grey initially but it also lightens the colour and depending on it’s composition will likely fade at a different rate than your target colour, leaving an unsightly orange.
- Try using a warmer brown pigment instead of a strong modifier to add warmth to your darker pigments.
4. White or skin colour pigment is not a “camouflage” or correction. It contains high quantities of Titanium Dioxide and will stay in the skin for a very long time, eventually being the hardest colour to correct or fix. *Some pigments already contain a small amount of titanium but have been carefully blended in a laboratory.
- Don’t add white (titanium) to the brows or your pigment.
In over 20 years doing permanent makeup, I have never added a modifier for powder brow procedures on virgin brows. I work with quality pre-modified pigments and have rarely ever had to fix or colour correct my clients brows. 
Understanding different pigments and how they heal in the skin plus knowing how different techniques affect the healed colour will help you create better lasting brows.
If you would like to find out more about this topic our Machines, Needles & More Online Course offers an in-depth look at techniques and tips. 

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