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Artist Signature Series Spotlight - MONICA IVANI

March 26, 2020 2 min read

Artist Signature Series Spotlight - MONICA IVANI

Monica and Li Pigments together have created what will be one of the best set of brow pigments the industry has ever seen.

Who is Monica Ivani?

Monica is an International Trainer, Global Conference Speaker and one of the most talented and respected PMU artists in the world. Her unique hairstroke technique with a digital device has earned her worldwide recognition.  

Monica chose to work with Li Pigments because of their reputation for high quality pigments that implant, heal and age with only the best results.  She worked closely with the chemists at Li Pigments to create her own unique eyebrow pigment formula as well as her own unique, custom brow colours.  After working and testing her pigments for over a year...Monica and Li Pigments have launched the Monica Ivani Eyebrow Pigment Series. 

From Monica Ivani..."After many years of mixing colors, I finally formulated what I feel are the 4 ideal shades for eyebrows. My main goal is to help every technician become the artist they aspire to be by creating these pre-modified, ready to use colours".

What is in Pigment Set?

The Monica Ivani Signature Series set includes 4 fabulous pigment shades that are 20% more concentrated and 20% thinner in consistency than the Li Aqua formula and can be combined to create colours suitable for any skin tone. These can be used for used for all procedures and NO modifying is required.

ELECTRIC BLONDE – This is a dark blonde colour with a green and neutral yellow base. Perfect for blondes or redheads with either neutral or slightly cooler skin tones, and those with pink/red undertones. It can be darkened with either Faux Brown or Absolute Brown. 

FAUX BROWN– This is a light brown colour with a neutral yellow and red base. Great for lighter brunettes, dark blondes or even medium brunettes who want to keep their brows super soft and natural. Heals cooler than it looks initially. Can be darkened with Absolute Brown or Dark Heart.  

ABSOLUTE BROWN– A true medium brown. This shade has a neutral yellow and green brown base and is perfect for light, medium or dark brunettes. This is our absolute favourite and most used shade. Can be darkened with Dark Heart. 

DARK HEART- A dark brown shade with a black/brown basE that is a little darker than Absolute Brown. Fantastic for dark brunettes or clients with darker natural eyebrow hair. Can be lighted and warmed up with Electric Blonde or Faux Brown.

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